In a far far off land, a funny mea himeni and a handsome haku mele Met backstage. They were SOON making beautiful mele together and enjoyed many a night in their Hut at the famous coco palms Hotel. KOKa (Todd Rundgren) and IHiLaNi (Michele Rundgren) decided to Move their family to Kauai in 1992. They arrived Just after Hurricane Iniki had stripped the island OF all its Flowers and greenery, but not OF it’s hau’ Oli OHaNa. EVERYONE shared whatever they had until the island became whole. SOON, KOKa & IHiLaNi were Part OF this ohana, but one thing was missing. A really Great TiKi Bar.

It took IHiLaNi 16 Years to Bring Her dream to fruition. TiKi Iniki, located on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. a place for coming together to sip fresh squeezed drinks aND sample island Cuisine sourced by local farmers.

Just five years later, Pila (Bill Chapman), one of the founding partners of Tiki Iniki, was inspired to bring Tiki Iniki over to the mainland, and with the blessing (and appropriate paperwork) of Koki and Ihilani, a new Tiki Iniki is born in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, ga. Pila, along with Atlanta restaurateur veteran, Paleki (Brett Holtzclaw), have created a unique Tiki experience right in the heart of Atlanta. With a nod to the traditional, plus it’s own quirky take on Tiki, and a killer menu, it’s unlike any other Tiki bar in the southeast.

So if you don’t want to work and just wanna “bang on a drum all day” wiki wiki over. Tiki Iniki is the place to eat, drink, and be le’ale’a.

Koka, Ihilani, Pila, & Paleki